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What is a wash bottles used for in a lab

What is a wash bottles used for in a lab

Jul 7,2022

Wash bottles is a container for rinsing reagents, precipitating and washing vessels by injecting a fine stream of water. It is mainly used for cleaning instruments, equipment, devices and so on. There are various styles and specifications of stereotyped products. It is also commonly used in laboratories with a double-hole stopper and a flat-bottomed flask or conical flask with an air inlet tube and a liquid outlet tube.

What is Wash Bottles?

Wash bottles is a kind of lab squeeze bottles or containers used for cleaning solution in chemical laboratory, and equipped with a device for launching fine liquid flow.

There are two types of wash bottles commonly used: blow-out type and squeeze type. The blow-out type consists of a flat-bottomed glass flask and a short blowing tube and a long outlet pipe;  the squeeze type consists of a plastic wash bottle with a fine mouth and an outlet pipe at the mouth of the flask. Wash bottles are used for quantitative transfer of solutions and washing and transfer of precipitates.

Wash Bottles, 500ml, Recyclable Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) 
Acetone wash bottles
Ethyl Alcohol, Methanol, Acetone Label Can be customized
Usage Method of Plastic Wash Bottles

1. Check whether the plastic wash bottles is leaking before use.

The specific operation is: fill two-thirds of the bottle of water in the plastic wash bottle, screw the plastic cap, turn it upside down (bottle mouth down), observe whether the plastic wash bottles leaks. Repeat the test twice to check whether water leakage, if the plastic wash bottle no water leakage, that is, the nottle does not leak. The wash bottles can be used only if it is not leaking after inspection. If a small amount of water is sprayed out of the nozzle, it is normal.

2. To ensure the concentration of the detergent used, use a beaker to adjust it in advance and transfer all the washing solution to the plastic wash bottles. Transfer with a stirring bar to divert the flow. The method is to put one end of the stirring bar against the inner wall of the neck of the plastic wash bottles, taking care not to let the other parts of the stirring bar touch the mouth of the plastic wash bottle to prevent the liquid from flowing to the outer wall of the plastic washing bottle.

3. When the liquid level added to the plastic wash bottles is about 4 cm away from the cap (about two-thirds of the position), screw the cap tightly. Remember, do not shake the bottle at this time, because the liquid inside may be corrosive, shaking at a large degree, the nozzle may have liquid sprayed out.

4.When cleaning equipment, if there is a corrosive solution, please make other safety preparations, such as gloves to avoid splashing the solution on your hands. To hold the place to be cleaned, hand grip light pressure on the bottle, the solution sprayed out, hands relaxed, the wash bottle will recovery.

Material for Plastic Wash Bottles
The bottle of the wash bottles is made of high quality LDPE (low density polyethylene) also if you need hardness one, we can make high density polyethylene wash bottles, The material could be customized. 
The PE material has the advantages of high strength, good capability, rigidity, heat resistance, cold resistance, etc. 
It also has good resistance to environmental cracking, tear strength and other properties, and can resist acid and alkali, there are solvents, etc. 
The cap of the wash bottles is PP material
Differenet Types of Wash Bottles

There are various types of wash bottles:
Economic wash bottles (commonly used 500ml economic wash bottles), 
safety wash bottles (distilled water bottle washing, toluene bottle washing, 
ethanol wash bottles
methanol wash bottles,
 acetone wash bottles,
isopropyl alcohol wash bottles
sodium hypochlorite wash bottles), 
solvent resistant wash bottles
plastic wash bottles (red) (i.e. red mouth wash bottles). 
wash bottles
Custom Service for Wash Bottles
wash bottles
As professional squeeze bottle manufacturer, we can provide different custom service for our customers:

1. Color Matching
We can custom different colors for the caps or bottles for the wash bottles

2. Label or Printing Service.
Ethyl Alcohol, Methanol, Acetone Label or more safety marks and your company logo can be customized.

3.Color Box , carton packaging
we can custom your carton box, color box with your comany inforamtions.

4. Mould Opening
Need different shape of wash bottles? As oringin factory, we can open a mold for your unique wash bottle.

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