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Sanle-Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Squeeze Bottles
We are able to offer a variety of different degradation materials, in order to meet the growing demand for green products. These include:

PCR (Post Consumer Regrind)

Post-consumer recycling (PCR) resins are made from plastic waste supplemented by consumers. The waste plastic is collected from the recycling stream, and then through the mechanical recycling system sorting, cleaning, and pelletizing processes, new plastic particles are mixed with the original resin to create a variety of new plastic products . In this way, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced, and energy consumption is also reduced.

  • Helps reduce the amount of plastic packaging thrown away, buried, or dumped into other environments;

  • High quality, strong stability;

  • Reduce reliance on fossil fuels for primary plastics;

  • Reduce carbon footprint and save energy;

  • Increase socio-economic benefits in the value chain.

    *Subject to material availability
PLA(Polylactic Acid)
  • PLA is a compostable polymer derived from renewable sources such as corn starch

  • Our MOQ’s start from only 50k units.

  • Get in touch to find out more about PLA

Sugarcane Polymer
  • Polymer made using bio-oil derived from sugar cane rather than traditional oil

  • Retains the same properties of traditional oil-based polymers

  • 100% renewable

  • Possible to achieve negative carbon footprint

    *Subject to material availability

Biodegradable Packing

We can now do Biodegradable Packaging across our packaging range. Our Biodegradable packaging is available in PET, HDPE, LDPE and PP, which we can implement into our bottles, jars, tubes and more!

Our biodegradable packaging will not discolour the base material, it does not taint or alter the chemical stability and functionality of the packaging. Our biodegradable packaging is FDA approved and completely food safe.

What our biodegradable packaging does is that it revolutionises what happens to the packaging when it goes into waste. It is estimated that 87% of plastic packaging will end up in landfill and this will sit there for over 100 years for our children’s children to deal with. With extensive testing and independent laboratory trials we can now supply packaging that will biodegrade in land fill in an estimated 6-10 years. Not only will it break down all commercial packaging resins, it also leaves no micro plastics. For the 13% of packaging that will get recycled, our biodegradable packaging is still fully recyclable.

Sustainable production

If you would like insight into the environmental impact of our packaging, then we can include this information in our recommendations. After all, we’re living in a world that cannot do without packaging, but at the same time Sanle just like you, would like to protect this world as best we can. So on the one hand, we look for solutions for you to make sure that we are producing our packaging as sustainably as possible, while on the other hand we look for opportunities to inform you more effectively and broadly about the implications that our packaging may have for the environment.

Objective analyses from The University and Lab

To be able to achieve this, we have entered into a collaboration with The The University and Lab. The University and Lab is the specialist that examines packaging and disposables closely, and analyses the consequences for the environment objectively and across an extremely broad spectrum.

Case:Refill Jar

Our customer wanted a cream jar that is more sustainable. Their current jar with a liner pad in it.And they also don't want to make a new mould and keep the current jar appearance After some investigation we came up with a new refill jar solution. We keep the current jat just add a bio-degradable replaceable inner jar . Hover over the field “Jar” below and you can see what kind of impact the replacement of just the jar has to the environment. Apart from just replacing the jar we came up with a refill system. This way customers will only have to buy the complete jar once. When the jar is empty the customers will only have to buy the inner refill jar. Therefore the cap and the outer jar are only bought once. Hovering of the field “Refill System” will give you an idea of how much impact this replacement has to the environment.

The environment impact decrease when using the new jar in place of the existing Jar.
The environment impact decrease when using the new jar in place of the existing Jar.

Squeeze bottle needs every day in most place.

Such as food, pet care, health and beauty industry, wash bottle chemistry chemical bottle, pharmaceutical industry and used in the foods ervice industry, therefore must comply with all kinds of conditions, squeeze the bottle must be soft enough, with the appropriate pressure to release the dripping, crevasse or crumb of contents, and must also provide solid, firm the two sides of the protection of the container, the squeeze bottle appearance elegant, convenient, save time. Convenient for activities greatly custom printed squeeze bottles, custom squeeze bottles, custom squeeze sauce bottles, custom condiment squeeze bottles, small squeeze bottles, squirt bottles chemicals, squeeze bottle caps, lotion squeeze bottles are easy to operate, even for little hands soft and supple, at the beginning of one hand cover (for example, flip, disc cap, and powder pump... ) make it easier to allocate, in this fast-paced world, plastic squeeze bottle is very convenient, because the squirt bottles chemicals, lab wash bottle, lab squirt bottle, drinks, condiments, or health and beauty farce bottle squeezing action and allocation of the nozzle to reduce the confusion, reduces the case with the use of so as not to waste. As professional plastic squeeze bottles, lab wash bottle, lab squirt bottle, and plastics squeeze tubes suppliers, SANLE is recognized for having the most complete families of squeeze bottles from the smallest sample sizes to one-liter options, and many custom sizes in between, Finding oem plastic squeeze bottles suppliers and squeeze bottle manufacturers? Contact us to know more!


Choose high quality when choosing high-quality plastic, LDPE, HDPE and PET plastic squeeze bottle is very durable, and there are a large number of spot supply, choose the size of the bottle, the cap shape, and distribution, to enhance your product line, no matter the bottle need high-temperature resistance, resistance to ultraviolet ray, prevent leakage or prevent children, due to the plastic weight and long service life, so they are a kind of economic and efficient packaging solutions, the long-term wholesale ordering and manufacturing. As one of the leading oem plastic squeeze bottles, lab wash bottle, , custom squeeze sauce bottles ,custom condiment squeeze bottles, lab squirt bottle, small squeezable bottles and plastic squeeze tubes suppliers, Sanle-oem plastic squeeze bottles suppliers, offering a one-stop boutique service. We support you throughout the entire process from design selection and development all the way through to after-sale service.

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