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Why Are Plastic Squeeze Bottles So Popular?

Why Are Plastic Squeeze Bottles So Popular?

Aug 20,2021
the specific reasons why plastic squeeze bottles are popular

Because of their small size and stable performance, plastic squeeze bottles are very convenient to use, so they are often used as kitchen packaging and chemical containers. The following are the specific reasons why plastic squeeze bottles are popular.

Excellent optical performance

Many packaging materials for plastic squeeze bottles have good transparency. The packaging plastic containers produced by SANLE can clearly see the contents, which has a good display and promotion effect.

Suitable barrier and permeability

Plastic squeeze bottles have various packaging types. Some plastic squeeze bottles with moisture-proof and waterproof functions can be selected according to actual needs. This is mainly used for packaging foods that are prone to oxidative deterioration due to the action of oxygen and moisture.

Good chemical stability

Chemical stability is an advantage of plastic packaging. Plastics have good resistance to common acids, alkalis, salts, and other media, enough to resist the corrosion of water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and various chemical media from the packaging materials and the external environment of the packaging. Therefore, in the chemical field, we can often see plastic squeeze bottles.

Good hygiene

The pure polymer resin is almost non-toxic and can be safely used for food packaging. However, if the monomer content of individual resins is too high when used as food packaging containers, the concentration will be too high. This can easily migrate to the packaged food, which is detrimental to human health. If the monomer is controlled below a certain amount as much as possible during the resin polymerization process, its hygiene can be ensured. Therefore, high-quality plastic squeeze bottles will be more guaranteed in terms of hygiene.

Lightweight and good mechanical properties

Made into the same volume of packaging, plastic squeeze bottles will be much lighter than packaging using glass and metal materials and will have more advantages in transportation. Certain characteristics of plastic materials used in the packaging industry can meet the different requirements of packaging. Plastic squeeze bottles have better impact resistance than glass, can withstand squeezing, and can be easily restored.

SANLE specializes in producing high-quality plastic squeeze bottles of various shapes and sizes, which can meet the diverse needs of customers. If you want to know more about plastic squeeze bottles after reviewing the above, you can contact us for professional solutions.

As a manufacturer of plastic squeeze bottles, we have many years of experience in the manufacturing field. Our perfect team and advanced industry-leading technology can provide you with high-quality products. We have our own R&D team that can support your different needs, and we can also provide you with thoughtful and comprehensive services. If you want to buy our plastic squeeze bottle, please contact us immediately!
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