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Advantages of Biodegradable Plastic Squeeze Bottles

Advantages of Biodegradable Plastic Squeeze Bottles

Aug 13,2021
the advantages of biodegradable plastic squeeze bottles

A major problem with ordinary plastic squeeze bottles is that once they are discarded, it usually takes a long time to decompose, causing serious environmental problems and posing a danger to wildlife.

However, the biodegradable plastic squeeze bottle uses alternative materials or special enzymatic or chemical reactions, and if it is exposed to the natural environment, it will quickly decompose the material. The following introduces the advantages of biodegradable plastic squeeze bottles.

Waste reduction

Plastic packaging accounts for approximately 13% of the waste stream, which is equivalent to 32 million tons of waste. Although about 9% of plastic products enter the recycling program, the rest will go to landfills, where they will be kept for hundreds of years or more. However, biodegradable plastic squeeze bottles may decompose within a few months, depending on the materials involved and their disposal conditions. So biodegradable plastic squeeze bottles can greatly reduce the pressure on the waste stream.

Save oil supply

The biodegradable plastic squeeze bottle also helps conserve oil supply. Because the production of traditional plastics requires heating and processing oil molecules until they become polymers. And the emergence of biodegradable plastic squeeze bottles unexpectedly even after the world's oil is exhausted, SANLE has the ability to produce plastic containers and packaging.

Energy saving

The biodegradable plastic squeeze bottle also represents a significant energy-saving effect. The greenhouse gas produced in the manufacturing process is reduced by 68% compared with ordinary plastic products, which has a great effect on environmental protection.

Safer to use

The biodegradable plastic squeeze bottle is made of natural materials. Therefore, they don't contain harmful chemical substances and will not pose any risks to the target users. Unlike non-recyclable plastics, bioplastics will not attract harmful bacteria or leak chemicals when decomposed. This means that the biodegradable plastic squeeze bottle can be used multiple times.

Biodegradable plastic squeeze bottles are more suitable for people to use than other ordinary plastic products in terms of safety and environmental protection. The biodegradable plastic squeeze bottle designed and produced by SANLE has stable performance, safety, and environmental protection, and meets the standards of sustainable living. If you want to learn more about biodegradable plastic squeeze bottles after reading the above content, you can contact us for professional solutions.

As a professional manufacturer of plastic squeeze bottles, we have accumulated rich production experience in this field. Our professional production team and complete management system can produce high-quality plastic squeeze bottles of various shapes and colors. We can provide a variety of different degradable materials to meet the growing demand for green products. And we will also provide thoughtful one-stop service and effective solution technology according to the actual needs of customers. If you want to buy our biodegradable plastic squeeze bottle, please contact us immediately!
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