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How to Choose the Suitable Plastic Squeeze Bottle?

How to Choose the Suitable Plastic Squeeze Bottle?

Aug 27,2021
the method of choosing the right plastic squeeze bottle

Squeeze bottles are becoming more and more popular in home kitchens. They facilitate the storage and distribution of oil, vinegar, and other condiments and sauces. You can easily adjust the amount of food flowing out of the narrow nozzle by squeezing the flexible plastic side of the bottle. The following is the method of choosing the right plastic squeeze bottle.

Wide-mouth bottles are easier to dispense

All plastic squeeze bottles contain and dispense their contents well. A wide-mouth plastic squeeze bottle with a diameter of about 2 inches makes it easier to hold and distribute food. When we pour objects from a larger container into a plastic squeeze bottle with our bare hands, the narrow-mouthed bottle requires us to aim more carefully. And when we use the funnel, the wide-mouth bottle is more suitable than the narrow-mouth bottle. The wide-mouth plastic squeeze bottle is also easier to clean, providing us with enough space to insert our favorite bottle brush.

Narrow-body is easier to hold

Generally speaking, narrow-mouthed bottles are generally equipped with a relatively narrow body, most of which are about 8 inches, they are easier to hold and control.

LDPE bottles are easier to squeeze than HDPE bottles

Plastic squeeze bottles made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are generally more difficult to squeeze than plastic squeeze bottles made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE). HDPE plastic squeeze bottles are not as resistant to repeated use as the more flexible LDPE squeeze bottles because they are very inelastic. If you are pursuing the squeeze function, we recommend choosing a squeeze bottle made of flexible LDPE.

A simple bottle cap is the most suitable

Although some squeeze bottle caps with nozzles are good at preventing dust from entering, they are easy to lose the cap, which makes it easy for bacteria to enter the bottle. And these plastic squeeze bottles with nozzles are also more difficult to clean. If there is no special requirement, just choose a squeeze bottle with a simple bottle cap.

Sanle specializes in producing various types of plastic squeeze bottles, with rich design elements and different functions, allowing customers to have diversified choices. If you want to know more about plastic squeeze bottles after reading the above content, you can contact us for professional solutions.

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