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5 Common Uses of Plastic Dropper Bottles

5 Common Uses of Plastic Dropper Bottles

May 28,2021
5 common uses of plastic dropper bottles

As a kind of plastic bottle container, plastic dropper bottle has the highest demand in the pharmaceutical industry. That is because it allows taking medication in a liquid form quickly while minimizing the risk of overdosing. The patient can administer the exact number of drops required as per the prescription, as the bottle releases the medicine drop by drop. Industries that deal with expensive liquids also use dropper bottles to minimize waste and ensure measurement accuracy. Some of the common uses of plastic dropper bottles are highlighted below.

For Eardrops and Eyedrops

A majority of the medication administered directly to the eyes or ears usually come in liquid form.  Plastic dropper bottles offer the most convenient and effective way for patients to administer the medicine to themselves without pouring in too much into the ears or eyes.

For Essential Oils

A majority of essential oils are usually packaged in plastic dropper bottles. The plastic dropper bottles used for the essential oils allow for dispensation of larger drops compared to those used for eardrops and eyedrops. That makes dispensing the right amount of essential oil easy. The bottles are also usually dark to prevent direct sunlight from reaching the essential oil inside. That is because the quality of most essential oils is usually affected by exposure to sunlight.

For Glow Drops

Glow products are usually quite expensive, so most cosmetic brands have their glow products packaged in plastic dropper bottles. That allows the products to be utilized more efficiently.

For Hand Sanitizers

Plastic dropper bottles are also used for hand sanitizers, especially for those packaged for travel use. The dropper bottles increase the sanitizer portability as they minimize the chances of spillage, while still offering easy usage. These 30 ML tincture dropper bottles guarantee precision when using powerful concentrates. Plastic dropper bottles also help to reduce the chances of the hand sanitizer getting contaminated.

For Vape Juice

Vape juice, usually referred to as e-liquid or e-juice, is also traditionally packed in plastic dropper bottles. Each of the bottles is then labeled differently depending on the flavor and concentration of the vape juice. The main advantage of plastic dropper bottles is that they allow you to distribute the vape juice in precise dosages. 
The performance of the plastic dropper bottle is stable and will not pollute or degrade the liquid or oil stored in it. If you want to learn more about plastic dripping bottles after reading the above content, you can contact us for more detailed solutions.

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