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How can you ensure the quality of your bottle?

How can you ensure the quality of your bottle?

Update Time:2020/9/27
Sanle Plastic starts quality control with raw material. We promise that we do not use recycled material and all of the materials like PE, LDPE, HDPE, PET ect.. that we used on our products have met with international standards.

As a professional bottle manufacturer, our factory is certified with ISO 9001 quality management,  SGS,  BV ect.,  and we are Alibaba's 17 years' Verified Assessed Supplier.

We have strict quality control flow including quality design, standard design, inspection design ,statistics and ananlysis, correct&prevent, quality improvement.

Every carton of goods like pe bottle, dropper bottle, squeezes bottle, jars ect.. would be double inspected strictly before shipping, and the quality inspection report will be sent to our customers with the products, and we glad to accept The Third-party inspection company quality check.
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