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Application of Dropper Bottle in Cosmetic Packaging

Application of Dropper Bottle in Cosmetic Packaging

Apr 8,2021
Drop bottle in the application of cosmetics packaging is a very extensive and frequent use, so on the drop bottle in this aspect of a specific situation, we can also come to understand.

Drop bottle construction

The dropper bottle in the production process should not only comply with the industry regulations within the tolerance range, in the dropper tip cap or transparent glass tube also need to achieve no thorns, no bubbles, no mildew, and other requirements. The size and shape of dropper bottles are strictly controlled during the production process, and the dropper bottles are cleaned and packaged after the production is completed. The drip bottle is composed of a bottle cap, a hollow pressing part, a hollow tube part, and a bottle body. The bottle cap is made of plastic injection molding with the hollow pressing part. The middle air tube part is inserted and fixed in the hollow pressing part. This kind of dropper bottle structure is relatively common in prior art. The liquid in the dropper bottle can be absorbed by squeezing and retracting the hollow pressing part.
Application advantages of dropper bottles for cosmetic packaging

The dropper bottle has the advantage that it can accurately measure the amount of each drop of the product. The scale is made on the dropper bottle so that the number of skincare products to be grasped by consumers will be of great help. Whether it is 0.3 milliliters or 0.5 milliliters, it can be done more accurately.
In addition, with the popularization of cosmetics knowledge and the increasingly complex air environment, people's requirements for cosmetics have become increasingly high. The products that avoid adding preservatives as far as possible have become an important factor for many women to choose products, so the package design of dropper bottle arises at the right moment. Facial cream products contain a large number of oil components, the survival of fungi is more difficult. But the essence is mostly water essence, and contains rich nutrients, is very suitable for bacterial reproduction. In order to avoid external material (including hand) direct contact with the essence, a dropper bottle is an important way to reduce the contamination of the product, and the amount of dropper bottle can also avoid waste.
Essence drop tube type

Maybe you think the general dropper bottles are mainly glass dropper bottles, but with the development of the manufacturing process, Sanle plastic dropper bottles can also be used to store essence, because the materials we use are environmentally friendly and not harmful to the body. And most of the essence is stored in a 30ml Dropper bottle, because the production cost of essence is relatively high, so its content is relatively low.

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