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What is a Dropper Bottle Used For?

What is a Dropper Bottle Used For?

Mar 20,2021
A dropper bottle is a small bottle used to drip a solvent on a lens that has some tissue for experimental purpose. It consists of a rubber bulb and a glass dropper. A dropper bottle has many sizes to suit different uses.

Dropper bottles are bottles that have a rubber bulb and plastic dropper. They are used to drop liquid solvents usually onto lens tissue found in the eye. Plastic dropper bottles are available in a selection of sizes, shapes and colors hence it is advisable to find a plastic dropper bottle that fits your essential needs.

The ever so popular, dropper application bottle with reducer. These are the standard essential oils bottles found on the market today and have become a priceless container for their valued “drop by drop” reducer. Each bottle comes with an accompanying white cap and reducer, which is fitted within the top of the bottle.

Liquid dropper bottles is plastic or glass round container with squirt bulb rubber cap, which is a translucent plastic or glass barrel combine to make a dropper. The dropper is marked or no marking. Dropper Bottles are generally used for dispensing a small amount of liquid and are ideal for oral, ear, eye, and hair applications. Dropper Bottles are also used for packing aromatherapy oils and other health products, such as cooking oil or shampoo. Some liquid dropper bottles have a lift up squirt tab to dispense liquids in small, controlled amounts reusable container is environmentally-friendly. Compact size is ideal for backpacking, camping or travel.

Usually, amber bottles with black phenolic screw caps or with plastic pipette droppers widely use for storing and drop liquid medicament. These bottles are opaque to prevent the reaction of solutions with UV light resulting from sun exposure, which can reduce the efficacy.

Use this pipette plastic dropper, with a rubber squeeze bulb to drop small amounts of liquid wherever you think they should go. 

Steps of Using Liquid Dropper Bottles:

Pinch the bulb rubber and put it into the bottles.

Loose the bulb rubber, then liquid material is imbibed in the pipette.

Take out the rubber with the pipette from bottles, when liquid material in the pipette reaches you need amounts.

Second Pinch the bulb rubber to drop liquid material where you want.

Please be aware that drop sizes for any bottle are going to be dependent upon two factors: the viscosity of the fluid being dispensed and the design of the dropper tip.

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