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8 Safe Tips for Chemical Squeeze Bottles

8 Safe Tips for Chemical Squeeze Bottles

Dec 17,2020
8 Safe Tips for Chemical Squeeze Bottles
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Plastic squeeze bottles are commonly used in laboratory areas, providing a quick and easy source of commonly used solvents such as Acetone, Methanol, Ethanol, etc, which are all flammable solvents. Therefore, it’s necessary to be careful to prevent fires or dangerous chemical reactions.

Sanle is labware squeeze bottle manufactuer and also professional testing team has found that there are hidden dangers in the storage and use of squeeze bottles. Therefore, we list the following precautions for using and storing squeeze bottles:
1. Squeeze bottles must be clearly identified for contents. At last, they must be indicated with the chemical name. A hazard warning indicated such as “flammable” or a hazard symbol is also essential. 

2. While using generic squeeze bottles, the chemical identity must be clearly indicated in permanent ink or label. Abbreviations or chemical formulas are not recommended.

3. Always check the squeeze bottle label before adding solvent, avoiding accidentally mixing with other chemicals.

4. Squeeze bottles, which become leaking, damaged, or not clearly identified, shouldn’t be used anymore. Don’t forget to report the problem to the responsible person

5. Squeeze bottles made of LDPE are intended for short term dispensing and will degrade over time depending on the solvents used.

6. Don’t overfill squeeze bottles. It’s better to leave an inch or more of headspace from the cap so as to prevent spillage or drips.

7. Don’t store squeeze bottles containing flammable liquids near sources of heat or ignition. Whenever plastic squeeze bottles shouldn’t  be placed on a hot plate.

8. Store squeeze bottles containing flammable liquids in a secondary containment tray to catch any drips. If not in use, a lot of squeeze bottles should be placed in a flammable storage cabinet rather than a fume hood.

As a professional plastic bottle manufacturer and wholesale labware in bulk with over 27 years of experience, Sanle Plastics delivers packaging solutions and results, and exceptional service that is polite, friendly, and sincere. If you have any questions about proper storage and use of squeeze bottles or want to get more information about plastic squeeze bottles and solutions, welcome to  contact us now. Sanle expert team will be glad to help you.
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