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5 Common Uses for Condiment Squeeze Bottles

5 Common Uses for Condiment Squeeze Bottles

Dec 11,2020
5 Common Uses for Condiment Squeeze Bottles
If you like cooking and often get creative in the kitchen, frequently entertain, buy food items in bulk, or anything like the above, you could likely use many condiment squeeze bottles. 

Condiment squeeze bottles are not just for condiments, also can be used to do many things making our life more convenient. Here we share 5 common uses with you.

1. Cook with No-Drip Oil Container

Precision is important in the kitchen. Sometimes, it’s hard to get just the right amount of oil when you have a heavy or slippery container. A condiment bottle, also as an oil squeeze bottle, is a more manageable solution. The narrow spout prevents the oil from dripping down the container in order to avoid it becomes greasy and hard to hold. A condiment squeeze bottle also can help you get the exact amount of oil you want in the exact location.

2. Squeeze Bottle Pancakes

You can use condiment squeeze bottles as pancake squeeze bottles to make beautifully colored edible art! Fill the bottles up with batter and draw the desire you like in the pan. The narrow tip can perfectly control the amount of batter so that you can create as detailed pancakes as you want. 

3. Organize Your Refrigerator

When you put bottles of dressings, condiments, or sauces in the refrigerator, it will look messy. The bottles may be drippy and sticky, and the bottles of different sizes will make it hard to find the one you’re looking for. Sometimes too much condiments come out of the container too quickly, or you just can’t make them come out at all. Use condiment squeeze bottles in bulk along with some white stickers so that you can have a consistent look with condiments that are easy to find. When you want to store these bottles upside down, it will be easy to get the sauce and dressing out. 

4. Store Homemade Condiments

Whether you try to avoid yucky preservatives in store-bought condiments, you want to make healthier versions of your favorite salad dressing, or you just want to try something new, these squeeze bottles will be the best method of storing your homemade condiments. 

5. Decorate Cakes and Cookies

Sometimes, pastry bags can be a little difficult to use, so using squeeze bottles is a great choice. This is a helpful idea when you want to decorate cakes and cookies with your kids. It helps cut down on the mess that could be if you used pastry bags or a frosting knife. Fill it with frosting and start decorating!

As a professional plastic bottle manufacturer with over 27 years of experience, Sanle also provides high-quality condiment squeeze bottles available in a range of shapes, sizes, and materials for your packaging needs. If you have any questions about condiment bottles or other plastic squeeze bottles, welcome to contact us now. Sanle expert team will be glad to help you.
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