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How to Store HDPE Bottles to Extend Service Life and Reduce Expense

How to Store HDPE Bottles to Extend Service Life and Reduce Expense

Nov 24,2020
How to Store HDPE Bottles to Extend Service Life and Reduce Expense
While packaging your pharmaceutical, shampoo, or cosmetic products with HDPE plastic bottles, HDPE plastic bottles also require proper storage that will help:

1) Maximize the integrity and service life of HDPE bottles

2) Prevent your products in these bottles from pollution and damage

3) Reduce risk for your business, and your customers

4) Protect your business’ profitability and bottom line

Therefore, knowing how to store HDPE Bottles is essential. Here Sanle lists some important storage considerations for your HDPE bottles:

Storage Time

The storage time of empty HDPE bottles should be minimal. Maintaining a strict first-in-first-out inventory is important. And most end-users will re-approve bottles after about two years of storage.

Storage Temperature

Elevated storage temperatures make HDPE bottles shrink, and harsh conditions will cause severe distortion. The design and storage conditions of bottles determine the degree of distortion and shrinkage. Higher storage temperatures also accelerate the aging process of the bottles. 

Moderate storage temperatures ensure the dimensions and properties of bottles keep consistent for a long time. Generally, HDPE bottles can withstand temperatures of 110°F for a brief period.

Humid Storage Conditions

Humidity itself can’t degrade the HDPE bottles, but a humid environment will have a direct impact on secondary packaging such as cardboard cartons. You can use stretch wraps, or control warehouse conditions to alleviate this problem.

Surface Contamination

Keep HDPE bottles as clean as possible. It is best to leave them in original sealed cartons. The storage place should be clean, dry, dust, odor, insect, and rodent-free.

If you have any questions about storing HDPE bottles, or about other plastic packaging solutions, welcome to contact us now. Sanle expert team will be glad to help you.

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