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Why are plastic bottles better than glass bottles?

Why are plastic bottles better than glass bottles?

Nov 3,2020
When you want to use a bottle, plastic bottle, or glass bottle, which is your choice?

Some people think the glass is better than plastic because of its eco-friendly. However, plastic and glass are both recyclable. Glass can only be recycled and turned into more glass, while plastic can be recycled into many products from carpet filling to plastic lumber, and so on.

Let’s see why plastic bottles are better than glass bottles.

Weight and Durability

Glass is heavier and more fragile than plastic. This makes transportation more expensive because of increased weight, and the need for packaging materials to cushion the product during transportation. Additional materials make for a greater environmental impact. 

Plastic is much lighter and more durable than glass so that it’s cheaper to transport. Because there are fewer trips and fewer packaging materials needed, it also leaves a smaller carbon footprint.

Health and Safety

Glass has a tendency of smashing easily, so if a glass bottle or canister within food items is knocked accidentally on the floor it will break easily, leaving a mess behind. Besides that, glass is also more slippery to the touch as compared to plastic. This means that it is more likely to be dropped than a plastic container or other packaging materials.

Compared to other packaging materials, glass is also more dangerous when broken. Broken glass can cut a person’s skin and can also be life-threatening. This is a danger that is very true for those working in factories, shops, and even transportation and packaging operative who are responsible for handling them.

However, you may worry that there have been many concerns about chemicals in plastics getting into the contents of the container and becoming harmful. Commonly used food plastic packaging materials, including polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, polyvinylidene chloride, etc., are polymer materials. This type of material is made by polymerizing monomers through chemical methods, has a large molecular weight, high stability, and will not easily migrate to food.


Not only is glass more expensive to ship, but it also costs more to produce primarily Because of the amount of heat required during production. The melting point of plastic is much lower than glass, requiring less energy during production. With new technology developments in plastic molding, manufacturing plastic containers has become even more affordable. Besides that, producing new plastic was even cheaper than recycling it. 

In one word,  plastic exceeds glass in terms of both production and shipping.

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