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What's the Delivery Time for your bottle?

What's the Delivery Time for your bottle?

Update Time:2020/9/27
In general, the lead time for our item is about 20-45 days after receiving the formal order and deposit, it is also related to the quanitity , products, the complex degree of your final order. For example, if injection products like cream jars, plugs for droppers bottles, the lead time will longer than blowing products like squeeze bottles, hdpe bottle.

If custom mold product, here is the time period:

Making drawing (7 days)- Confirm the drawng (Your Side 1-2 days)

Make 3D sample (7 days)- send 3D samples for you to confirm the shape( 7-10 days)

Mold Production ( 30days)

Send real sample made from the mold(7days)- send the sample for you before mass production (7-10days)

Mass production (30days)

We have service team to follow up the production process and keep in touch with you to make sure the product can be shipping on time.
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